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Farmers Weekly 'On Farm Story' August 2019

Fossil Creek Angus R2 Bull line up - a sneak preview from the field! - May 2018

"The Fossil Creek 2018 All Blacks" - We will have 60 of these fine boys up for offer on Thursday 14th June @ 2pm. Check them out here or come and see them up close and personal in the paddock anytime between now and the 14th of June. We are delighted with the line up - these boys have to make the grade both in presence and on paper and we are looking forward to offering them to you in June

The Beef behind the black magic of Fossil Creek Angus - May 2018

Check out these big boys - the POWER behind Fossil Creek's progeny. These Fossil Creek Angus Herd Sires are beef at it's finest - kings of the hill block on a sunny Autumn day. Contact us for the opportunity to look at progeny from these boys, you won't be dissapointed as we are bloody stoked with how they have bred! (Credit: Dire Straits for the background sounds!)

Our two year old heifers - March 2018

Fossil Creek Angus two year Heifers with calves at foot and also sorting the yearling Heifers for scanning.

6th August 2016

We filmed a very interesting white landscape today at the Newhaven hill block 'Blairgowrie' - the home of the Fossil Creek Angus 250 cow Breeding Herd but this video really summed its true color all in 3 minutes, something you don't see everyday. Extra points for spotting the newborn stud calves!

19th August 2010

Our goal is to continually breed for balanced multiple trait selection tools which will produce the optimum performance in the Angus cattle, satisfying the demands of our clients, the majority of whom farm the harsh New Zealand hill country.