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Fossil Creek Herd Sire Profiles

Since its inception, the focus of the Fossil Creek Angus herd has not deviated. We aim to produce genetics that reward our clients with the greatest return for the least input.

We sell not only our genetics but a programme of integrity, unqualified customer support and product guarantee.

Our policy is to select herd sires that exhibit superior maternal strength, excel in structural soundness and have the ability to transmit the traits relating to longevity and excellent constitution for harsh environments. We also recognize the requirement to respond to market signals. Our programme utilizes AI and ET using carefully screened bulls from both USA and Australia to enhance carcass traits where we feel necessary. However these bulls have to stand rigorous scrutiny and not deviate from our stated breeding policies. We aim to maintain fertility, growth and high carcass yield as a priority. Multitrait selection has been the cornerstone of this programme and will continue to dominate the selection process.

Fossil Creek Angus uses AI and ET routinely to introduce outcross genetics that fulfil our programme requirements. We then select yearling bulls derived from these technologies and utilising our elite females with proven production records to mate over our heifers and young cows. This enables us to introduce new genetics but with the combined strength of the cow families that the herd is renowned for.

We also regularly purchase standing herdsires from other herds in New Zealand that we carefully assess to allign with our own breeding goals and philosophies.It is easy to get caught up in the fashion of the day but Fossil Creek Angus always maintains its strict multi trait genetic selection policy.

The following sires have been in use at Fossil Creek for natural service sires

Please see the bottom of the page for details on our AI/ET programme.

Herdsires used 2015 mating: Sons for 2018 sale

Fossil Creek Hulk H028

Dob: 25/08/2012

  • Son of superstar sire S Chisum.
  • Great all round package of EBVs.
  • Very strong on structural soundness.

Storth Oaks Everest J20

Dob: 29/07/2013

  • Sired by Rennylea Edmund, Everest J20 has recently broken the $200 mark for Angus Pure index.
  • A strong bull with a flawless dataset.
  • He has sired a number of stunning 2016 born calves, including ‘Manhattan’ M6.
  • Trait Leader for 400 and 600 Day Weight, Scrotal Size.
  • Top 20% for every trait listed except Daughter Calving Ease and EMA.
  • Top 1 % for SRI and API.

Fossil Creek Hewitt H034

Dob: 28/08/2012

  • Son of S Chisum retained for stud duties at Fossil Creek Angus.
  • Grandson of our maternal legend, Atahua 516.
  • Trait leader for 200,400,600 Day Wts and Scrotal Circumference.
  • Very high Carcase weights and Index values as well as Eye Muscle EBVs

Fossil Creek Hewitt H034

Dob: 28/08/2012

  • Son of S Chisum retained for stud duties at Fossil Creek Angus.
  • Grandson of our maternal legend, Atahua 516.
  • Trait leader for 200,400,600 Day Wts and Scrotal Circumference.
  • Very high Carcase weights and Index values as well as Eye Muscle EBVs

Fossil Creek Kakadoo K005

Dob: 23/08/2014

  • An impressive bull that was used in the stud as a yearling and actually put weight on while servicing!
  • Sold to Wainui Station for $8000.
  • Great calving ease balanced with good growth.
  • Dam has 3 high performing daughters in the stud herd.

Fossil Creek Galaxy 4-11 (ET)

Dob: 24/08/2011

  • Sold at 2013 beef expo and repurchased.
  • Son of highly acclaimed Ardrossan A241.
  • Many outstanding daughters retained.
  • Top 20% of breed for 400 day wt, Scrotal Circ, Carcase Weight, Rib and Rump fat.

Te Mania Pioneer 13564

Dob: 31/08/2013

  • Included in the 2016 Angus NZ Top 100 Sires for Calving Ease Direct.
  • Sire Summitcrest Broken Bow known for his strong maternal attributes.
  • Dam line at Te Mania very prolific.

Fossil Creek Kaine K112

Dob: 15/09/2014

  • Used as a yearling in stud.
  • Strong set of maternal performance data, with good growth and indexes in top 20%.
  • Sired by FC Hewitt a trait leader for 400 and 600 day weight and scrotal size.

Artificial Insemination and Embryo Transfers

We use A.I sires selectively to introduce certain traits and use Embryo Transplant technology to breed our own herdsires wherever possible from our elite maternal proven cow families.

Over the past 20 years, the Fossil Creek herd has used carefully selected sires for both AI and Embryo Transplants to introduce economically relevant traits to the herd. A secondary consideration has been to maintain positive carcass merit in our cattle as well as keeping a close watch on Genetic Marker Technology especially for tenderness.

We remain committed to maintaining the functional integrity and fertility of our cow herd. Longevity and structural soundness are paramount traits that will not be compromised in the programme. The herd continues to receive infusions of genetics from the New Zealand Angus genepool. Many of the critical economic traits essential to maintaining commercial profitability within our client’s herds can be sourced from such genetics. The Pure New Zealand Angus genepool has withstood over a century of natural selection for Grassfed efficiency of production.

Used in 2015 - Sons for Sale 2018

Bruns Thunderbolt

Dob: 31/01/2013

  • Used for ET.
  • Great easy calving and low birth weight.
  • Higher growth rate but lower mature cow rate.
  • Carcase weight and indexes very high

Matauri Reality 839

Dob: 15/09/2008

  • Used for ET.
  • One of Australasia’s top sires in recent years.
  • Top all round sire with high accuracy.
  • Trait leader for calving ease and gestation length
  • Moderate growth stats but lower MCWT.
  • Great fertility data.
  • Really high fats and indexes.

Matauri Resolution F030

Dob: 28/08/2010

  • Used for ET.
  • Very balanced trait son of Matauri Reality 839.
  • Trait leader for daughter calving ease.
  • Very quiet moderate frame bull.
  • High fertility with great fat covers and good indexes.


Used in 2016 - Sons for sale 2019

SAV Resource

Dob: 07/01/2011

  • Used for ET programme.
  • Highest used sires of sons in USA.
  • Great old bloodlines.
  • High growth but low mature cow rate.
  • Strong fertility genetics
  • Trait leader for carcase weight and eye muscle area.
  • Extremely high carcase weight to mature cow weight ratio. Very Efficient.

Hoover Emperor

Dob: 17/08/2010

  • Used for ET programme.
  • Trait leader for growth traits and scrotal.
  • Top cow family.
  • Very balanced carcase data with high carcase weight.