Fossil Creek Angus

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The Cowherd at Fossil Creek Angus

The Fossil Creek Angus cow herd has developed over nearly 40 years of careful selection to include a wide diversity of New Zealand based genetics. At many of the major Angus Herd dispersals during that time, proven cows have been sourced to add to the Fossil Creek Herd. Our Fossil Creek Stud cow herd continue to be bred and grazed in genuine commercial high altitude conditions (see video at bottom) as it is essential that we mirror the challenging environment that our clientele are taking our genetics throughout the country and abroad.

There are many cow families contributing to the success of the herd. The following links will take you through to the whole Fossil Creek female inventory.We have grouped them into year groups for ease of viewing,and in each list the females are sorted into cow families.

Fossil Creek Females

Once you are onto the link below that provides the list of females in the age group that you may wish to look at,you can access more data on each individual by clicking on her name in the green box on the left. This then retrieves her pedigree and performance data. In addition, by clicking on other green links on that page you will be taken to her progeny record and a performance or EBV graph. Another feature is that if you click on the pedigree section on any shown ancestor you will be taken to that animals display page (eg sire and dam)

Our Fossil Creek Cowherd at 600 metres above sea level