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Fossil Creek Angus

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Keeping it Simple and Profitable!

The Fossil Creek team take pride in focusing on the traits that make a difference to the bottom line of all beef herds – whether you are focusing on producing a sought-after calf from your maternal herd or finishing a premium beef product. One of the attributes of the Fossil Creek herd is the strong emphasis on fertility, a trait of utmost economic relevance in the commercial arena. Temperament is a critical trait in the herd and the Fossil Creek Herd has an outstanding reputation for docile cattle. The Fossil Creek Angus programme concentrates on multi-trait selection. Neil and Rose Sanderson and Blair and Jane Smith believe in the philosophy of balanced selection of the largest number of economically relevant traits.  All females are calved at 2yrs of age up on the hill block at Five Forks, North Otago –  with a short two cycle window of mating and are subjected to a continuous rigorous culling regime throughout their life span. The Fossil Creek team takes this responsibility to produce high performing, robust genetics for your breeding requirements very seriously – as these need to perform in some of the toughest climatic conditions throughout New Zealand and abroad. The Fossil Creek team invite you to come and inspect not only their R2 sale bulls, but also their breeding herd and young stock to see that they are the real deal – hardy stud stock bred in challenging commercial conditions.