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Fossil Creek Angus

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Indexes that make both dollars and sense!

Fossil Creek Angus took the initiative three years ago to introduce a simplified system to use more commercially relevant economic evaluations of each and every bull –showing the profitability to be made from each bull for the traits that are important to each client’s needs, including a ‘Hill Country Index’.

The Fossil Creek client base, who are indeed those at the coalface of what works in practice in the industry have given resounding support for the new systems’s clarity and ability to reflect the areas of economic value for each bull in every unique commercial breeding programme. The Fossil Creek Team believes that you should only be paying for a bull’s ability to add value to your individual programme, end of story. They are astonished at the ability for many commercial breeders to pay huge money for bulls at some other sales throughout the country that have very low growth indexes or extremely low carcase weight EBVs. This makes no economic sense if you are looking for premiums for branded beef products (in these times of monitoring and traceability) and a demand for your calves from finishers who are watching the performance of each bloodline.

“Focusing on your bottom line, not fancy marketing or hype” has been a proven model for Fossil Creek Angus and one that puts them in good stead for driving profitable results for their client’s breeding herds around the country.

Attached – Table as below:

A focus on your individual profitability …. The Fossil Creek Team introduced a new bull selection index three years ago to be used alongside the traditional one allowing a focus on traits that are economically relevant to your own operation, not everyone elses!